Great Deals in Hot Chicago Zip Code, 60628

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Right now we’re selling 2 single family homes in HOT Chicago zip code 60628 that are under market value and off market. I’m pretty sure you will be very interested in this property as soon as you hear “the numbers”.

1) Asking price is $57,900 and the estimated ARV is around $123,500

2) Asking price is $24,900 and the estimated ARV is around $134,000


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Market Trends in 60628




Around 132 Investors Have Bought In The 60628 Zip Code In The Last 6 Months, According to ListSource



We also have additional inventory for sale that have a promising ROI potential for experienced real estate investors, like yourself.

Please, contact me for more information about these great deals.

~ Ramon Polo
Founder of LALLAVE

Phone #: (858) 859 – 0289