House Hunters

Please, enter the information of the houses you find below:

We ask you for your information, so we can get you paid at the close of escrow.
We will pay you $500 per house you sent us that we close at the close of escrow.
We will pay you $200 extra at the close of escrow, if you also contact the owner.

Type of houses we’re looking for:

  • – You know the owner is really motivated to sell
  • – Vacant houses
  • – It looks abandoned
  • – It’s boarded up
  • – Houses that are for rent

Some ways to find these houses:

  • – Ask people you know
  • – Networking
  • – Driving for dollars: Focus on a specific area or zip code and drive around to find houses that look vacant/abandoned/boarded up and that are for rent…
  • – Look around Craigslist. Go to the real estate for sale by owner section, and try to find good deals.