Thank You Real Estate Agent

Yeah! The payment has been accepted!

Thank you for your trust and business.


For us to be able to start marketing your listing and get you leads and offers, we need you to send this information to :

  • 1) In the subject line include ‘[Market My Listing]’
  • 2) Include your name and last name.
  • 3) Include your best email address.
  • 4) Include your best phone number.
  • 5) If you want us to create a page about your listing, send us the information about your listing (description, features, pictures, etc.) – Or include a link to your listing, if you already have it published online.


As soon as we receive the information we will do these steps:

  • 1) Create an attention-grabbing and effective video about your property.
  • 2) Create a landing page in our website featuring the property (Optional).
  • 3) Create a video post and publish it on our Facebook page.
  • 4) Create an article on my LinkedIn profile.
  • 5) Start the video advertising campaign targeting the right locations and audience.
  • 6) Build a database of people who view the video, so we can re-target them.
  • 7) Post the property on Craigslist, consistently.
  • 8) Publish the video post on local Facebook groups.

If you have any questions, contact us.